Pusha T – My Name Is My Name

My Name Is My Name is a difficult album to review, I enjoyed the majority, but for some reason I constantly feel like the music behind his songs are rarely fitting to his rhymes. It often feels like he’s picked beats that were originally for other artists that weren’t used.

It’s a pretty good debut from Pusha T, standouts include Hold On featuring Rick Ross and S.N.I.T.C.H. both of which are produced and featured by close collaborators – Kanye West and Pharrell respectively,with the former giving Pusha a 808s & Heartbreak sound to tackle, which he pulls off and also shows what great chemistry he has with Rick Ross. 

There’s a couple of obscure tracks with odd guest spots, such as the Kelly Rowland featured Let Me Love You, it’s such a strange place to have a vocally helmed hook. The track has such a subtle beat that it’s begging for a verse like on Kanye West’s Runaway, a couple of world class verses are asked of Pusha T and they just aren’t given. The beats are so minimalist across My Name Is My Name that you often feel like this throughout the entire album, Numbers On The Boards and King Push more specifically.

The music on My Name Is My Name gave Pusha T a lot to do lyrically and in some cases he achieved this. However with no real ‘world class’ verses, the risk wasn’t really pulled off and in the end, the album becomes sadly tiresome.

2 thoughts on “Pusha T – My Name Is My Name

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