Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of Mumford & Sons you can appreciate them as extremely talented musicians who’ve adopted a very individual sound that can’t really be replicated, the debut album from the British quartet; Sigh No More, reinforces this.

On the whole, Sigh No More is enjoyable. We all know of the singles and what great songs they are, The Cave and Little Lion Man incorporate banjos, strong vocals, foot stomping percussion and even some brass to create rightfully popular tracks. Other highlights include Dust Bowl Dance and White Blank Page, with both slowing things up, in contrast with the big hit singles. The former shows a great vocal harmony with all band members lending their voices to the song as well as a finishing crescendo of drums towards the end. The latter is a vocally led track with a beautiful acoustic accompaniment, it’s then resuscitated and injected with passion with both vocal and instrumental growth, it’s the best song on the album in my opinion.

The songs mentioned above are so good that you can’t say the album is not a success, however a lot of the remaining tracks are nothing special and fade into the patchwork of the album. Sigh No More is as good as it is because of some truly stand out songs, the banjos and vocally charged tracks stand out and more than make up for the lesser songs.

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