Bastille – Bad Blood

Like my review of Chase & Status’ No More Idols, Bastille’s Bad Blood may be a little biased. Bastille were the first act I saw at last year’s Reading/Leeds Festival and kicked off one of the best weekends out my life,they were incredible. Despite not being the most die hard fan at the time, it was a massively energetic performance that had the crowd gagging for the finale which of course was Pompeii.

Bad Blood rightfully kicks off with the aforementioned big hit which of course we all know is a great song. The following three tracks are indicative of Bastille’s sound, showcasing the indie/rock/pop inspirations, frontman Dan Smith’s vocals are greatly utilised and it’s his twangs of individuality working contrapuntally with the music which give it such a pulse of uniqueness.

However, with that said Bad Blood is by no means groundbreaking, the ‘oh-ohs’ used on Pompeii are recycled and used across the album and can often make it repetitive. Weight Of Living Pt. 2 is a highlight of Bad Blood and fans of Fifa 13 will recognise it from the soundtrack. Choirs of male vocals, touching piano and soft progressions of strings all make up Bastille’s debut, it’s an enjoyable listen and will entertain a wide audience.

3 thoughts on “Bastille – Bad Blood

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