The Killers – Hot Fuss

Despite being released a while back in 2004, I thought I’d add a bit of diversity to The West Review by reviewing The Killers’ debut album Hot Fuss. For those unawares, Hot Fuss is the album home to everyone’s favourites including Mr Brightside, Smile Like You Mean It and Somebody Told Me. 

Of course I can’t not review something by The Killers without focusing on Mr Brightside, arguably one of THE rock hits of the 21st Century. Everybody knows the words and it’s one of those songs that will stick with 90s kids for probably the rest of their lives. Not only is it a great song the lyrics are genuinely potent, ‘he takes off her dress, Now, let me go ‘Cause I just can’t look – it’s killing me, And taking control’. The music paints a picture of angst and despair while the lyrics show a more sensitive, withdrawn side to Flowers’ songwriting.

A further peak of Hot Fuss is All These Things That I’ve Done, you may recognise this song due to the Young Soul Rebels cover for charity, War Child in which the chorus of ‘I got soul but I’m not a soldier’ is repeated throughout. Unfortunately, besides these enjoyable songs the album is nothing special, and from this track [5] the album peters out and becomes lacklustre and dull.

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