Shuffle: A much-needed feature.

With peoples’ music libraries rapidly on the grow and with more music imaginable available at the click of a button, it can often be tricky to listen to all of your music. I personally can never be bothered to make playlists, and whenever I do, I get bored of them quickly because it’ll be the only thing I’ll listen to as it’s taken me ages to make it. Thank God for Shuffle.

I don’t really need to give a background on the feature, if you don’t know what it is, then, well I just don’t believe anyone who’s on the internet reading this cannot possibly know what Shuffle is. Anyway, I often forget about songs on my iPod mainly because they’re not in a specific playlist, only the other day I stumbled upon Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours, and what a tune that was, and that was thanks to shuffle.

So, in light of praising the feature, I decided to listen to only music thrown at me by Shuffle and without skipping any tracks, for the entire week. Running a blog on music and what-not, as you can imagine I listen to a lot of music, so I’ll just assemble some songs that came up on Shuffle and make them into a playlist.

Now, half these songs I would usually skip such as Train’s Drive By or Shine by Take That, but they are actually good songs that will brighten anybody’s day. Shuffle unearthed old jams like Bob Sinclair’s World Hold On as well as reminding me of what a great pop star Gwen Stefani was- what even happened to her?

Near all of the songs on this playlist reminded me of why I downloaded them in the first place, and without Shuffle, I wouldn’t have had the singalong I did while painting the kitchen the other day. Shuffle your library next time you listen to music, resist skipping ahead, and see what gems pop up.

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