Following my article on the state of rap music, I praised Vic Mensa for helping contribute to the new wave of talent strutting into the rap game. It seemed more than applicable to review his latest offering in full- his second mixtape INNANETAPE. 

I was already interested in INNANETAPE when I spotted Chance The Rapper, Hit-Boy and BJ The Chicago Kid on the tracklist, as well as my favourite, Eliza Doolittle. Upon listening to Vic Mensa’s latest release I was really pleased with it, the kid can rap and he’s an intelligently witty MC; ‘Sound like Ray J and Chris Brown on Celebrity Deathmatch’. Opening track Orange Soda, has a thudding beat, similar to Asher Roth’s Lark On My Go Kart, and Mensa drops some fluid verses as well as showing his singing ability which is utilised well. Following track Lovely Day shows Mensa pick things up and rap with a tad more tempo and also shows a flow similar to Chance The Rapper, one where he switches between rapping, singing and ‘ad-libbing’. It’s a summery jam that is among the highlights of the mixtape.

INNANETAPE continues strongly with Magic, a song crafted around piano chords and a mellow soulful hook from Jesse Boykins, lines like ‘Or what is it that defines us? And is it that it ultimately defines us?’ are delivered effortlessly, making the song that all the more easy to listen to. However a bizarre outro to Magic and a cliche conversation snippet intro to Time Is Money are just a bit scripted and unneeded in my opinion.

Vic Mensa’s most recent release is a great piece of music and well worth a download especially considering it’s free, fans of Mac Miller, Chance The Rapper and Hodgy Beats will all appreciate INNANETAPE. Complimenting production, a very individual flow and witty lyrics all contribute to a solid piece of music from a very promising talent.

You can stream/download Vic Mensa’s INNANETAPE here:

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