KOAN Sound – Dynasty EP

Who are KOAN Sound you ask? They’re an exciting production duo from Bristol, UK, who are currently releasing their music on Skrillex’s label, OWSLA. The Brit pair have had significant previous success, having joined Skrillex and the almighty Diplo on The Full Flex Express Tour back in 2012. They’ve released a number of EPs and remixes including the well-known remix of Ed Sheeran’s A Team.

Their latest release comes in the form of another EP – Dynasty. It’s a four-track project that shows a progression from their previous release, [a collaborative EP with ASA] while maintaining and sustaining the distinctive sound the pair are renowned for.

It’s not often you’re as blown away as I was, once I began indulging in KOAN Sound’s forthcoming release. Opening track 7th Dimension is an incredibly layered track housing a hugely diverse range of inspirations and sounds. Of course, working as closely with Skrillex as they do, you can hear tinges of the duke of dubstep that reminisce his more upbeat tuneful releases such as With You (Friends). As mentioned, the EP is extremely varied and it illustrates KOAN Sound as a distinctive, individual act with a sound you’re not really going to hear anywhere else, at least not this well executed.

KOAN Sound’s Dynasty EP is a project many fans can look forward to in mass anticipation. For people not as accustomed to the act, if you like Noisia, Skrillex or Pretty Lights, you will almost definitely appreciate Dynasty as a fresh piece of music. The odd thing is, you can hear squeaks of other inspirations from outside of the genre, the drumming on closing track Lost In Thought sounds like Blink 182’s Travis Barker, and various harmonies on 7th Dimension reminisce Daft Punk’s earlier work, that’s what makes Dynasty such an exciting project.

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