Action Bronson – Saaab Stories


Action Bronson’s slowly but surely been gaining more and more recognition as a rapper as the days go by, energetic exuberant performances, his huge -personality-, bushy ginger beard and viral appearances across the web all make for a future star, yet to release a full length LP, Bronson is simply gearing up, keeping his fans happy with collaborative EPs like Saaab Stories with producer Harry Fraud. 

I’ve previously praised Bronson for being a key figure in the current rebirth of rap, and Saaab Stories is indicative of why I think this. For such a cumbersome bloke, he isn’t half quick-witted, hilarious lyrics are the general theme of Saaab Stories, and I genuinely find myself laughing at Bronson’s wordplay, his flow is measured and well paced to the beats crafted by close friend Harry Fraud and the entire EP just feels ‘right’.

Bronson nods at his past throughout the project, for those of you unawares, Action Bronson used to be a chef, and will often drop lyrics about food; ‘Ride in the drop top lobster Porsche, Inside the joint I got some pasta sauce’, ‘The joint rolled like a croissant, mad butter’, he does this in nearly every verse he drops, not just on Saaab Stories, either way, it makes for some hilarious lyrical wordplay.

Saaab Stories is a fun project and I rate it, Bronson’s a breath of fresh air in the world of rap, the production’s exciting, and perfectly fitting to Bronson’s vocals. Strictly 4 My Jeeps is the standout track from the project with jaw dropping lines like ‘Shit on my chest, shoot colours like a care bear’ and ‘Pearl white like what you sniffing in your sinus, The finest vaginas demolished by my dick’.

Verdict – WWWV (Three and a Half Ws)

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