Kodaline – In A Perfect World


Recently, I’ve expanded my musical tastes and have began listening to bands I wouldn’t normally, Kodaline is one of those bands. A few friends went to watch Kodaline at last year’s Glastonbury and I wish I’d gone with them, luckily they’re playing the festival again this year and having listened to their debut a fair amount I’m certainly a fan.

In A Perfect World kicks off with One Day, one of the better songs from the Irish group’s debut, it’s a typically indie-rock song that floats through with frontman Steve Garrigan’s vocals shining throughout. The following two tracks are almost indistinguishable from the opener and follow the same rocky-yet-chilled feel, and I’m not sure wether this is a good or a bad thing, but a toot from the harmonica on Love Like This gives it enough character to dismiss as lazy. We then hit the lead single High Hopes, an instant classic if ever I’ve seen one.

The album continues the way it began with some fairly decent tracks, although I’m convinced Brand New Day is the theme tune to Miranda Hart’s self-titled sitcom but as a piece of music there’s a fair bit to enjoy. It becomes a bit tiresome at some points with echoes of Coldplay and U2’s more bemoaning tracks seeming to be the inspiration.

On the whole, I like Kodaline, their sound is a bit different and something of a change, and their album certainly has a couple of crackers on it. However, In A Perfect World is certainly nothing to write home about and can quickly become dull, sometimes I felt like they just needed to grow a pair.

Verdict – WW (Two Ws)

2 thoughts on “Kodaline – In A Perfect World

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