Foxes – Glorious

The beautiful Foxes has been gathering lots of momentum leading up to her debut LP release- Glorious. She’s already won a Grammy award for her collaboration with Zedd, she’s collaborated with the likes of Sub Focus and Rudimental as well as becoming good buddies with Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, in the process collaborating with and also performing with at Reading/Leeds last year.

Glorious is pretty good, in fact a lot better than I had anticipated, it’s not as straightforward as expected and it crisscrosses over genres to unveil Foxes as an incredibly versatile artist. She’s innately talented and her voice is particular powerful against the drums and haunting synths found on the lead single Youth as well as another highlight – White Coats. 

However, at some points you can really feel Foxes is milking it a bit, track 6; Night Glo seems to go on forever with her overacting near enough every note, if she sang without the warbles the song would be about half the length and it’s one of those track you immediately skip. Following track Night Owls Early Birds somewhat revitalises a strong beginning. She calms things down a bit at Echo, which then takes a turn and bursts into life, it’s exactly what I mean when I call her versatile. 

Foxes is obviously a talented girl, her album is decent and is definitely worth a listen. The production is intelligent and hard hitters like Glorious compliment her vocals cleverly, it reminds me a lot of Lana Del Rey. At points the album becomes a bit strained and a couple of tracks could have been left out all together, but on the whole, a significant success.

Verdict – WWW (Three Ws)

3 thoughts on “Foxes – Glorious

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