The Black Keys – Turn Blue


The band who can’t put a foot wrong at the moment – The Black Keys, look to continue their incredible streak in releasing their 8th studio album, Turn Blue. Following the success of El Camino, The Black Keys have once again enlisted the help of Danger Mouse to help craft and perfect their latest project, something I’m sure the majority of fans [including myself] is more than happy about.

You can never go wrong with a disgusting guitar solo, and opening track Weight of Love is home to the most satisfying outro from a guitar I’ve heard in a while, one that will make the shreds on Thickfreakness seem lowly. Those of you new to The Black Keys will feel more than at home if you’re a fan of the Arctic Monkeys, as Turn Blue is about as close to their sound as you can get, with In Time being the clearest example of this.

You can hear elements of previous Black Keys releases, from Brothers (Turn Blue/Ten Cent Pistol) to El Camino (Fever/Run Right Back) to Rubber Factory (It’s Up To You Now/Girl Is On My Mind) and it seems as if the positives of each of their albums has been injected into their latest project. However, there are still creative additions to their catalogue of sounds, for example Waiting On Words is the most stripped back song I’ve heard from The Black Keys (bar the intro on Little Black Submarines) and despite pepping up with musical accompaniment, it remains a mellow chilled sound, one I’d love to see more of in the future.

It’s an, as always, more than solid LP from the rock/blues duo, one that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to- their much loved sound and style is retained, yet it is still reinvented with clever production techniques, for example the vocalisations on Year In Review which give it that extra zap of character and quality. New fans looking to grab a flavour of The Black Keys should look no further than Turn Blueyet die hard followers can more than be happy with their latest album.

Verdict – WWWW (Four Ws)

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