Ellie Goulding – Halcyon Days


I’ve been running The West Review since January, so around 5 months, and one of my favourite current artists, certainly my favourite female artists is Ellie Goulding, and for some odd reason I’ve never reviewed an album of hers? Either way, I’ve been a huge fan since she kicked off her career with Starry Eyed and her following debut – Lights. The reissue of her sophomore album Halcyon, is Halcyon Days, home to additions such as I Need Your Love, Goodness Gracious and her number one single Burn.

Halcyon Days shows the art of collaboration more so than previous Goulding releases, featuring guest production from the likes of Madeon and One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, as well as writing credits from Bonnie McKee and FUN’s Nate RuessThere’s a broad range of influences across Halcyon Days, from the powerful, guitar infused Figure 8, to the more vocally reliant Explosions. We all know what an incredible voice she has and songs like How Long Will I Love You and You, My Everything are songs best showcasing her innate vocal ability.

Anything Could Happen, the lead single from Halcyon Days

Standout tracks from Halcyon Days include the aforementioned Figure 8 as well as Stay Awake, both possess a bit more caliber and fire and it’s a side we haven’t necessarily seen to Goulding until Halcyon Days. We see her nod to previous releases with tracks like Anything Could Happen which could easily have appeared alongside tracks from her debut.

It might be a bit biased, but I still really rate Halcyon Days. Ellie Goulding has come a long way from her career beginnings as the petite sweetheart, she’s reinvented herself showing that she can tackle more than just floaty pop songs found on her debut, she’s developed and progressed yet also retains that same likeability and still continues to show us what great artist she is.

Verdict – WWWV

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