Watch Kanye West ‘Perform’ at The Wireless Festival

Last night, Kanye West performed his only UK tour date this year, as well as one of only four European stops- at London’s Wireless Festival. Needless to say, he needed to get some ideas of his chest in the form of a rant, which he calls ‘Visionary Stream of Consciousness’, this particular one went on for around 15 minutes and unlike a lot of crowds, us English don’t fall for Kanye’s whole ‘genius’ shtick. Over here in the UK, we understand how talented as a musician he is, but we don’t buy into this whole ranting ‘change the world’ bollocks.

After watching the fan footage above, I still don’t know what the point of his rant is, he takes shot at Gucci, Nike and others, name drops Pharrell, and half-performs lines from Runaway’s hook, all the while blending autotune into his speech. As you can see in the clip, the audience quickly grow tired of his incessant rambling and barely even cheer along with him when he encourages them, minus a few drunk girls that probably only know the words to Heartless, and have probably never even heard of The College Dropout. Towards the end the crowd actually begins to drown him out with booing, in which he calls time on the rant. Watch the rant above and then the best example of booing in the Vine below.

Via MrCliffordIrving and Saint Raymond

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