Odd Future’s 30 Best Songs, Part 1: #30-#20


Odd Future, otherwise known as Golf Wang, Wolf Gang, OF, OFWGKTA or Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, have been pretty quiet as a collective these days. Tyler made a couple of very strange ‘adverts’ for some maple syrup and bubble gum, they were announced as the opening act for Eminem in a few weeks, Frank Ocean sacked the Clancys as his management team, and Mellowhype released an album out of nowhere, but other than that, pretty quiet, maybe too quiet. To satisfy my OF cravings, I’ve compiled a list featuring thirty of their best songs to date, kicking off with Part1: #30-#20.

30. Tyler – Window (ft Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats & Mike G) Goblin (2011)
Maybe Window is as good as I think because it followed Bitch Suck Dick on Goblin– one of the worst rap songs I’ve ever heard. Either way, the song was cleverly structured, featuring an intervention style arrangement of guest spots from various OF members, it also featured a rare rap from Frank Ocean who maybe outshines the other guest vocalists, however, Tyler steals the show and reminds listeners whose album it is with his finalising verse.

29. Tyler, The Creator – Radicals, Goblin (2011)
The song that possibly encapsulates OF’s original mantra and aura best- it was brutal, violent, graphic and said fuck a lot. For all you people unaware, this is the song home to the now iconic ‘Kill people, burn shit, fuck school’ slogan, it was possibly what won over the rebellious hipster fans who just wanted to like something like themselves. The ‘random disclaimer’ at the beginning’s funny too.

28. Frank Ocean – Thinkin’ ’bout You, channel ORANGE (2012)
Probably the OF song that received the most airtime over here in the UK, and if someone was to ask me who Ocean was, I’d say he was the one who sang Thinkin’ ‘Bout You. The production was understated yet complex which is something you can only get your head around if you listen to the track, it also best put on show Ocean’s vocal range, from the high-pitched, near-impossible-to-sing-along-to hook, to the mellow verses.

27. Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean & Syd Tha Kyd – Analog 2, The OF Tape II (2012)
Such an underrated song, Tyler’s raps are as laid-back as they get and the production is very much in the same vein. Much of OF’s best songs are when Tyler and Frank come together and Analog 2 is no exception, despite such contrasting qualities and talents, the duo’s chemistry is flawless. An even more chilled outro featuring vocalisations from Syd Tha Kyd against Tyler’s are merely the icing on the cake.

26. Frank Ocean – Super Rich Kids (ft Earl Sweatshirt) channel ORANGE (2012)
Another Frank song to feature in Part1, I love love love the production on this track and the piano against the metronome are the perfect platform for Frank to administer the best song from channel ORANGE. The track didn’t even need a guest spot from Earl and was already amazing thanks to some quality lyrics as well, but it can’t harm to chuck one in, and obviously he killed it.

25. Earl Sweatshirt – Blade, Radical (2010)
Having been largely absent from The OF Tape II, you had to look back to Earl’s earlier work to get a flavour of what he was all about. The beat is noticeably different to how OF normally approach their production, it was more soulful and reminisced The College Dropout. It was under a minute and a half long but that was all it needed to be for Earl to lay lyrics like ‘It’s nine Vicodins stuck inside of the windpipes of her’.

24. Domo Genesis & Alchemist – No Idols (ft Tyler, The Creator) No Idols (2012)
The title track to Domo’s 2012 mixtape was left until last, and definitely saved for best. He lets Tyler have a go at the track with an opening verse, then comes in for a follow-up verse that actually outshines the OF frontman, the production is as good as you’d imagine courtesy of Alchemist, the finalising verse shows Domo rap with a lot more maturity as well as confidence, which is always good to see.

23. Earl Sweatshirt & Mike G – Cool, Radical (2010)
We really don’t hear enough of Mike G, he’s definitely a talented rapper but he often lives in the shadow of his cohorts, which is annoying because when he does make an appearance, what results is Cool. His flow is literally effortless and lyrics like ‘Heard that you we’re queer, why would you fuck with Wolves that’ll leave you on the ground like your rap career?’ It’s merely the least you’d expect when Mike G finally gets on the mic.

22. MellowHype – 50, The OF Tape II (2012)
It took me a while to appreciate this song, I’m not going to lie. 50 is such an abrasive track that you almost take a step back, turn it down, or maybe even skip it, but that’s the whole point. With a scattering of sounds across The OF Tape II, MellowHype have one chance and one chance to make an impression, and if you listen to the album for the first time, 50 is the song you remember.

21. Tyler, The Creator – Awkward (featuring Frank Ocean) Wolf (2013)
Every now and again, Tyler gets all mature and serious, and more often that not it results in a nice surprise, this time the nice surprise is Awkward. Sandwiched between Cowboy and the lead single Domo23, it was something of an achievement that the track was as good as it was. The outro from Ocean, Tyler’s lyricism, a more mature approach to production, it all just clicks, resulting in one of my favourite songs from Wolf.

20. Frank Ocean – Forrest Gump, channel ORANGE (2012)
In all honesty, I’m still not sure what this song is supposed to be about- the character in the film? Another bloke with the same name? Someone in Ocean’s life who’s like the character? I also have no idea why he’s singing about him, ‘running on my mind boy’, ‘you’re so buff and so strong’, I just have to assume he loves the man in question in some respect. Regardless, it’s one of his best songs thanks to its chilled back aura, singalong qualities and beautiful production, not to mention his vocal talent.

Be sure to read on to Part 2: numbers 19 through to number 11, here.

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