Song of The Summer 2014

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It’s now the end of August, everybody’s soon back off to Work/University/School, and with that, Summer 2014 is now officially over. I’ve had a more-than-decent Summer myself, attending two of the world’s biggest festivals- Glastonburyand Sziget Festival in Budapest, as well as going to two of Europe’s party centrals- Magaluf, and Kavos, so as you might imagine, music has been key to the success of my summer.

Last year was particularly decent for summer anthems- Avicii’s Wake Me Up will always remain one of my best-loved songs, purely because of the memories it gives me whenever I hear it. As well as this modern-day classic, we had the likes of Pharrell’s Happy, Get Lucky, Blurred Lines, not to mention the then-unknown gems like Storm Queen’s Look Right Through and Martin Garrix’s Animals, so with all that in mind, this year’s selection has been pretty disappointing, Wake Me Up was the undisputed song of summer 2013, it was an undeniable jam that reminds myself and all my friends of what a blast we had in 2013. That’s what’s lacking from this year- that monster anthem that had everything; a catchy hook, easy-to-remember/sing words, and a drop.

Now let’s have a look at this year’s candidates, starting from late June while Glastonbury was in full swing. Route 94’s My Love, Keisza’s Hideaway, Sigma’s Nobody To Love and I Got You by Duke Damont stand-out as the songs that dominated the festival- near enough every DJ flipped one or more of the tracks above, with Annie Mac dropping Sigma’s Nobody To Love as a huge finale to her two-hour set. Hideaway took many forms throughout the festival, being remixed, reworked and revitalised in more ways than I thought was possible, and really was a dark-horse compared to the mass chart success of the other tracks listed above.

Moving on a month, swap muddy Somerset fields for golden Mediterranean beaches, swap your cider for shots, and swap your wellies for flip-flops, and you find yourself in one of the world’s biggest party hubs- Mallorca’s Magaluf. The aforementioned were still in rotation, but now we had a few more hits to consider as the song of Summer 2014- Tiesto’s Wasted, Overdrive by Oliver Heldens and surprisingly, Mr Probz’ Waves made a strong comeback to dominate the clubs, despite an early sumer release. A week or two onwards, I was in Kavos, less ‘clubby’ than Magaluf, but it was hotter and a lot more ‘summery’ if that makes sense, as such Klingande’s Jubel, Dangerous Love by Fuse ODG and Sean Paul, Route 94’s remix of Always by MK, and somewhat strangely, Chris Brown’s Loyal were among the most played, most requested, and generally most enjoyed in the Greek resort.

So there you have it, a plethora of bangers, but in my opinion no real ‘anthem’. There was a lot of decent tracks however including the incredible Overdrive, and my guilty pleasure- Dangerous Love, but this summer was always lacking that big finale song that everybody knew and loved, at least in the same way Wake Me Up did last year. The closest thing to this is probably Sigma’s Nobody To Love, you could argue that it had all of the aforementioned criteria to make a summer jam- a catchy hook, easy to remember/sing lyrics, and a [huge] drop ready for club use. What was your song of the summer? Have a look at the list below and be sure to cast a vote.

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