Jessie Ware: The Next Brit Thing


Us Brits have always been to frontmen (and women) of the music industry, the list of legendary British musicians is far too long for me to list, and only the US can really come close to the quality our nation[s] continues to pump out year after year. The last few years have been incredibly important for the UK music industry, Adele dominated the world with her sophomore LP 21, One Direction and Little Mix continued to crack the US with both of their albums charting highly across the pond, but also we’ve began to see respect for less ‘commercial’ acts. Disclosure are penned as some of the most talented producers about over in the US, Ed Sheeran can’t put a foot wrong in the eyes of the yanks, and Sam Smith is making waves, so much so that he left David Letterman speechless. So who’s next?

Jessie Ware. The 29-year-old from London sneaked into the music scene with subtle guest spots and an outstanding debut album- Devotion (a review is coming soon), it received wide critical acclaim scoring 85/100 on Metacritic, and ever since she’s been slowly but surely lining up a snipe at the US market. On the deluxe version of Devotion lay a remix of her breakthrough single Wildest Momentsand this time round boasted a guest spot from A$AP Rocky, who doesn’t exactly hand out guest spots. Since then she’s been building up something of a cult following and a notable buzz about her, by making careful collaborations with artists within the same bracket as herself. She linked up with Disclosure for one of the best tracks from their debut- Confess To Me, she’s continued to work closely with acclaimed producer-come-musician SBTRKT, who’s work is also raved about, as well as these two she can also add Sampha and Chance The Rapper to the credible list of collaborators.

Another one of Ware’s strengths lie with the versatility of her music. Remixes are as important as the originals nowadays with sites like Soundcloud home to millions of remixes and exciting reworks- many better than the artists’ base track. Now this is also an area where Ware gains more of a following, her tracks are constantly remixed and reworked with near-every producer on the planet having a crack at improving her songs. All you need to do is take a look at her Soundcloud page, to find official remixes from the likes of Cyril Hahn, Todd Edwards, Wild Beasts and Shura to name a few, and that’s not even touching upon the amount of unofficial remixes.

And finally, probably the most important thing, is just how good she is. I won’t go on too much about her album because I’m in the process of reviewing it, and nobody wants to hear the same thing twice, but she really is a genuine talent. Her sophomore album Tough Love is prepped to fly off the shelves rocking guest spots from Miguel and Ed Sheeran, as well as an incredible title-track-come-first-single. With Tough Love set to be released in early October, be sure to watch this space, and keep a close eye on Jessie Ware.

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