Royal Blood – Royal Blood


So who are Royal Blood? If I’m honest I have no idea, I half-recognise their name but that’s about as far as it goes, I glanced at the charts the other night and there they sat at the top of the UK Album Charts with their self-titiled debut album. The most amazing thing about Royal Blood’s success is that they only formed around a year ago, compiled of vocalist Mike Kerr, and drummer Ben Thatcher, the duo dip into a vast array of genres, from heavier guitar-led rock to blues/garage, and everything in-between.

As I’ve said the group is incredibly diverse, tracks like You Can Be So Cruel echo Radiohead, while the riffs on Loose Change point towards the likes of Metallica. This results in an intriguing LP, one with quality that I wasn’t  necessarily expecting. The standout track from the album, Ten Tonne Skeleton is a great great song that provides the listener with gritty riffs, yet still possesses a melodic essence about it thanks to Kerr’s vocal talents. On occasions the album really does fall into the boundaries of heavy-metal such as with the epic finale Better Strangers, which again pokes out as a highlight.

I really like Royal Blood and their self-titled debut, the Black Keys-esque shreds are omnipresent across the LP and throughout the album I couldn’t help but draw strong comparisons between the two, although I think Royal Blood are a bit more ‘hard-hitting’ so to speak. With pop-rock all the rage at the moment, Royal Blood stick their head out from behind the likes of The 1975 and You Me at Six, they thrust their sound at the listener with a clenched fist, begging you to remember just how good rock music can be.



Verdict – WWWV

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