Banks – Goddess


Banks is a 26-year-old singer/songwriter from Orange County, Florida, Goddess is her debut album which was released back on 5th September. Banks is part of this new movement looking at minimalist R&B, one that FKA Twigs has already shutdown with her debut, LP1however, if the opening track of Banks’ debut LP was anything to go by, then I was in for a treat.

For people who aren’t entirely convinced with FKA Twigs’ approach to music, but like the idea of it, Banks’ Goddess is probably a lot more suited to you. There’s much more substance to latch onto, and really it’s down to personal preference- I much prefer Goddess to LP1. The darker of the material on Goddess, such as Waiting Game and Beggin’ For Thread, bleed into the regions of trip-hop and challenge the likes of London Grammar, these are perhaps the strongest material on the album with the sinister production gelling with Banks to a tee.

Goddess flirts with the idea of slowed-come-deep house such as with the title track, as well as Drowning, what with the progressive baselines and synth claps. You half-expect these tracks to to drop at points, and this feel to the songs is probably best evidenced with how good Friend Within’s remix of Beggin’ For Thread is.

Banks’ Goddess is pretty good, it’s not going to blow you away, nor is it going to clean up at the award shows, but it’s certainly a more-than-solid release. As I touched upon, its a more substantial album than FKA Twigs’ debut, and it doesn’t fully commit to the minimalist R&B trend, it criss-crosses into genres from pop to house, what results is a top effort from one of tomorrow’s stars- Banks. 

Verdict – WWW

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