Chris Brown – X


For some reason, people still like Chris Brown, despite him actually beating up a woman, so unfortunately due to his popularity, that means I have to review his album. Yaaaay. Oddly enough, is Brown’s sixth studio album, and the 17-track project is home to the colossal summer track- Loyal, apart from this track, the rest of the singles didn’t fair as well commercially, yet the album still managed to reach number four here in the UK, what a shame.

Chris Brown’s X is exactly what you expected it to be, predictable crappy R&B with the expected producers and rappers you’d assume would make an appearance- I’m looking at you Lil Wayne. However, now Brown thinks his music is club-ready, resulting in ridiculous drops that are seemingly utilised to elapse time.

Once in a while, something a little different, something with a little character, sticks its head out from behind X, but then I remember that Chris Brown beats women so we can forget that. In all seriousness, occasionally this album does actually enthral you, such as the Trey Songz featured Songs On 12 Play, the two have a natural chemistry and it’s one of the few memorable blips from X. However, the rest of the album sounds just like it, so the novelty wears off pretty quickly.

Another highlight- courtesy of somebody who isn’t Chris Brown, is as you expect, Kendrick Lamar’s guest verse, but the song is pretty good anyway. As I’ve already touched upon, and is also evident from his past collabs, Brown’s duets are his strong point, and the Jhene Aiko featured Drunk Texting is another of X’s moments of quality. In summary, is like The 1975’s debut, it’s just meh, predictable, flat and ultimately you can go the rest of your life not hearing it, even if it does have it’s few highlights.

Verdict – WV

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