Octave Minds (Boys Noize & Chilly Gonzales) – Octave Minds


Octave Minds are an experimental electronic duo comprised of Chilly Gonzales and Boys Noize, the two are known for their criss-cross of electronic genres from house to EDM, and with Octave Minds, the pair have a platform to craft their distinctive poppy-yet-chilled tracks. The album features eleven tracks including the already popular Tap Dance that features Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment. 

As you may have felt from the opening sentence of this review, I found it tricky to categorise Octave Minds into a specific genre. Take the beautiful opening track Anthem, a track built around a classical piano transitions into a feel-good, well, ‘anthem’, that reminds you of Skrillex’s more symphonic work, just with more restraint and subtlety. We then flawlessly transition into Done Deal, a track that’s obviously stemmed more so from Boys Noize than Gonzales, although midway we’re surprised with a perfectly fitting guitar solo reminiscent of the riffs that dominated Kanye West’s Gorgeous

Much like Flying Lotus’ You’re Dead, Octave Minds is as intricate and layered, yet as mystifying. The piano chords on In Silence are enough to send you to sleep- in a good way, not that it’s boring, it’s just effortless to listen to, and complimented with Cyril Hahn-esque vocal loops make for one of the best tracks on the project. Towards the end of the project you begin to feel the album is a classical one, the piano chords are here to stay and even with the occasional flex of the duo’s EDM muscles, the album doesn’t feel like an electronic one, at least not dominantly.

I really like Octave Minds, it’s chilled yet exciting, effortless yet entertaining, and is one of those albums you can just put on and enjoy for what it is. At times I did however feel like the album was a little scattered, what with so many sounds working within the project, but I think that the composition of the tracks make it a little clearer and less random. In summary, I highly recommend giving Octave Minds a listen.

Verdict – WWWV

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