Mind Vortex – Colours (EP)


Thanks to the good guys over at RAM Records, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to have a look at the forthcoming release from Mind Vortex, in this instance it’s an EP entitled Colours. The four-track EP is set to be released on 24th November obviously via the aforementioned RAM Records,  and the drum and bass duo are more than just your stereotypical artist, and Colours encapsulates the intricate-yet-hard-hitting style to their music.

The EP opens with Overture, a track that true D&B fans will probably be more than familiar with- Andy C often uses the track to open his live sets. Starting with a progressive, almost understated intro, the song transcends into a  cascade of warped reverbs that explodes into a gut-busting opener, if this was only the first track, Colours was surely going to be a memorable release. Next up is the title track, a tuneful and suitably uplifting track following the explosive opening, it reminded me slightly of Wilkinson’s Afterglow. 

Track three- Underworld is probably the most layered and tightly articulated track on the EP. Built around a probing baseline and infectious vocal sample, the song incorporates both hypnotic strings as well as hard-hitting drops, and the fact that these two near-polar opposite aspects can be utilised in such an effective way shows what a solid release this is.

The synth-heavy finisher- Till The Sun Comes certainly plays to the ‘best ’til last’ structure, and with the again undeniably catchy hook/sample, it makes for a memorable end to Mind Vortex’s forthcoming release. As you may have worked out- I really liked Colours, it has the right blend of tuneful D&B coinciding with explosive bass-orientated rave tracks. You can pre-order Mind Vortex’s Colours EP on iTunes now.

Verdict – WWWV

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