Nu:Tone – Future History


In the thriving UK drum and bass scene, Hospital Records stands out as one of the pioneers of the genre, and the latest offering from the esteemed label is Nu:Tone’s Future History. Future History marks Nu:Tone’s fourth studio album all released under Hospital, and by now you should really know about him if you’re a DnB fan. Having been around for a while, Nu:Tone’s music is never just straight forward drum and bass, he’s the kind of artist to unearth gems like break-beat and jungle and revitalise them into modern day anthems.

The album opens with a big-hitting break-beat style song- ‘Til Dawn, the track seems to stem directly from the likes of Slipmatt and earlier 90’s trend setters, and there couldn’t be a better song to encapsulate the thought behind an album in the way ‘Til Dawn does. From the off, Future History is washed with a constant element of nostalgia. Following this opening is Say That You’ll- every basshead’s dream, and an absolute gem of a track. Lea Lea lends her vocals to Tides giving a more soulful and partly chilled vibe to Nu:Tone’s fourth studio album, with classical-esque strings and stony piano chords making up the track.

Hospital’s very own go-to MC- Dynamite MC helps out on the manic Cannibals, providing deranged raps over a quick-fire beat, a mix you wouldn’t really expect to function so well together, but it sure as hell does. As I mentioned, nostalgia and, if you will, ‘throwback’ are omnipresent elements to Future History- something the more intuitive of you may have already figured out from the title of the album, but again Nu:Tone manages to reflect on the past by enlisting Kool Keith for Metaphor 6000, yes the same Kool Keith who demanded us to Smack My Bitch Up.

Nu:Tone’s Future History is a reflective trip down memory lane, but also a representative of where drum and bass is at present day. I know this seems difficult to get your head round, but once you listen to the LP, you’ll see what I mean. At points the project can become a bit flat and you feel as if it’s already been covered, but when an artist as gone at a project with this [sort of] in mind, you can’t really fault Nu:Tone’s inventiveness.

Verdict – WWWW


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