The Social Experiment – Sunday Candy

As you may have noticed, I rarely post news-based articles on The West Review anymore, unless I feel it’s really warranted. Today is one of those days when I simply need to tell you all about one hell of a song- Sunday Candy, an incredible track set to appear on the forthcoming album from Chance The Rapper’s band The Social Experiment. Today’s a Wednesday, it’s halfway to the weekend, and for me it’s the start of the week in terms of my university timetable, so yeah, Wednesday’s are something of a lull, but I put this song on this morning, and it really is a lifting track filled with great vibes and good feelings. Featuring the beautiful brass expected from The Social Experiment, a symphonic hook courtesy of Jamila Woods, and twangs from steel pans, it really is an incredible song that’s completely brightened my day, and I simply can’t stop listening to it.

The track’s officially by Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment, as apposed to Chance The Rapper and The Social Experiment because apparently ‘this project in particular is a Donnie Trumpet project’, if you were unawares- Donnie is the group’s trumpeter. But no fear- Chance still brings his a-game to the song. Be sure to keep an eye-out for Surf, the forthcoming album from the group which as-of-yet still doesn’t have a release date, and have a listen to Sunday Candy above.

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