RL Grime – VOID


RL Grime has quietly been making a name for himself with a steady supply of remixes, from Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name, to Chief Keef’s Love Sosa, and after these impressive releases we now get to sample his debut LP- VOID. For those of you unawares, the electro remixer-come-producer slots somewhere in between Hudson Mohawke and Evian Christ, and every so often will push the boat out a bit and dip into EDM, house or dance.

VOID is an odd one, a few tracks are golden, most tracks of total rubbish, mainly due to the vast array of sounds that seemed to have been thrown together in an attempt to be as diverse as possible. Opening track samples Janet Jackson’s Love Will Never Do (Without You), something that’s already been done by Jamie XX and Suck Fake, but it’s still a good take on the classic. The Boys Noize collab merges house and near-drum and bass qualities to cement an early positive opinion of VOID.

Then the album plummets, the synths on Valhalla sounding like something from the horror film Insidious, and the absolute mess of a track with Big Sean is just offensive to the ears. Left over were the Baauer-esque lead single Core, and the near-jungle style of  Julia to really prick up my ears and interest me. Mainly because everything that’s being thrown at me I begin to get into, but is then taken away from me. What is this album?! Drum and bass? House? EDM? Trap? There’s just way too much going on, which is annoying because each genre RL Grime has a pop at, more often that not is fairly decent, just not altogether, at the same time, in one go.

That’s what I feel is the problem with a lot of electro producers nowadays. They all feel comfortable sticking to their strengths with their various EPs, but once given the task of crafting a full length LP, they feel the need to combat every genre under the sun, which very rarely comes off. RL Grime’s VOID does have some strong tracks, and it does show that on a more structured sophomore the objective may seem a bit clearer, but for the mean time, VOID is ultimately disappointing.

Verdict – WW

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