[Album Review] Madeon – Adventure


Madeon is very much a hot prospect within EDM. However, what a lot of artists like Zedd do for example, is misjudge the timing of their debut album, either too early or too late, and thus simply fall into the patchwork of the genre. As well as this, artists like Otto Knows simply refuse to release projects despite having that big hit under their belt. Madeon’s debut slots nicely into early 2015, summer’s just around the corner giving the album enough time to marinate ready for some floor-filling, sun-kissed anthems to be dropped all over party islands like Ibiza

For those of you wondering who Madeon is, the 20-year-old French producer slots somewhere in between the likes of the aforementioned Zedd and Avicii. Arm swaying hooks, stylistically-personal drops, and with a deep house underbelly, Madeon’s style is a very pleasing and instantly likeable take on EDM. The drops are all tuneful and synth-powered, nodding at the likes of Calvin Harris, and in more cases than not, a just as likeable vocalist stops by to help out, be it Bastille’s Dan Smith, or Foster The People’s Mark Foster. 

Much like the aforementioned Calvin Harris’ Motion, Madeon’s Adventure can never really be called a musical masterclass, but it does what it’s supposed to do incredibly well. It’s fun, pop-infused, lifting and infectious- all the things a good EDM project should do. Blips of Daft Punk weave their way into Pay No Mind, Skrillex into Beings, and to a degree, even CHVRCHES’ trademark synth pop doesn’t feel out of place on Nonsense.

Adventure is an instantly likeable album. Whilst listening to the 18-track project, and speaking from experience, you can’t help but wish yourself to be on a party island such as Ibiza or Majorca. The infectious hooks are here to stay, the feel-good synths and chirrupy productional values are not going anywhere, and the occasional blip of diversity such as with the floaty Innocence, also stopped Adventure from becoming boring. A solid EDM release from yet another reliable producer, Madeon’s Adventure has everything it needs to be this summer’s essential LP.

Verdict – WWWV

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