[EP REVIEW] Mac Demarco – Another One


By Ed Jones

I feel like Mac Demarco is actually a really underrated musician. Sure, he’s pretty successful in the indie scene and he has a large fan base there, but nine times out of ten, when people talk about him it’s usually something to do with his offstage antics and lovable, goofball personality. I don’t blame them, the dude’s hilarious, but behind the slacker personality is a surprisingly clever songwriter. Last years Salad Days in particular was full of astute observations on teenage malaise and what it means to grow up among other things.

His new EP (or mini album as he is calling it) Another One, continues his more mature writing style and focuses on love. It focuses on every aspect of love, the giddy highs of falling for someone, the idle fantasies, the lows of realizing you’re not suited for your prospective lover and the acceptance of this fact. No moaning about being friend-zoned here, and I can’t tell you how satisfying that is. Much like on Salad Days, the music is laidback, end-of-the-party type stuff. At home in the background where its simply a pretty melody or as the perfect soundtrack to those ‘deep’ conversations you have with only your best friends. Demarco’s slacker guitar always adds extra depth and warmth to his relatable lyrics and this is no different on these new songs. However he’s also expanded slightly with the inclusion of R&B-style synths which add a slightly 80’s funk to the mix which is always appreciated.

However, this album is unlikely to win any new fans and there are a few songs which left me slightly cold. But this is just a pit-stop; an artist dropping a few new tracks and sounds to tide fans over before a full new release is produced, and that’s fine. I’m always happy to spend time in the company of Mac, that effortless air of slackerism is always fun and welcomed. If you were already a fan then you’ve probably already listened to Another One anyway, and don’t really need me to tell you it’s great, but if Mac’s previous efforts didn’t win you over, then this one probably won’t do anything for you either. If you’ve never given him a listen before, it’s better to start with Salad Days, because Another One is pretty much just one for the fans.

Verdict – WWW