[PRODUCT REVIEW] Urbanears Plattan Headphones


I thought I’d mix up The West Review with a new series in which I’d review musical products, and kicking off the series are the Urbanears Plattan Headphones. Urbanears is a Scandinavian company, founded in 2009, that specialises entirely on headphones. The product line is instantly recognisable, sporting a trademark Swedish design that companies like IKEA have becomes renowned for. I copped a pair of Bagis in-ear earphones a while back, that for £25, really impressed me, and have been my go-to ‘phones for the last few years. The Plattan is the mid-point on-ear headphone from Urbanears, and having caught them in a very enticing sale, hopefully the Plattan would wow me too.

The Plattan has its positives and its negatives, but the main point of a headphone is the sound quality, at least it should be, and I’m afraid to say that as soon as I put the Plattan on I was disappointed. Unfortunately, these headphones aren’t worth £45, some of you may consider this justified, with a ‘you get what you pay for’ attitude, but for that much money I except at least a solid sound quality. However, I will say that after two days solid use I’ve not only got used to the quality, but it’s actually grown on me- for those of you who really aren’t audiophiles, the Plattan will be just fine.


The Plattan’s Collapsable Design

Sound quality aside, the Plattan is an impressive bit of kit. Featuring a clean Swedish design, one that’s also incredibly functional, it’s in my opinion one of the most stylish designs out there at the moment, perfect for those of you who refuse to be another one of Dr Dre’s walking adverts-come-dickheads. Available in pretty much every colour you can imagine, all in a finished matte coating, the Plattan is perfect for travelling or commuting as they fold up into a handy half-sized footprint. Other features include a tangle-free chord, a mic/answer button, and a ‘Zound Plug’; a socket that allows for another headphone to be plugged in and therefore the music can be shared between two users.

In summary, I’d have to give the Plattan a miss. While it certainly has its innovations, featuring more than a couple of handy features, I’m afraid the lack of sound quality makes it unable to recommend at its retail price. It’s nowhere near worth the steep £45 retail price, I only paid £12 for these puppies, so in no way am I disappointed, if anything I’m chuffed, but I wouldn’t consider paying anymore than this I’m afraid. If colour and style is your thing then you can’t go wrong, but for the audiophiles like myself, seek alternatives.

Verdict – WWV

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