[MIXTAPE REVIEW] Lil B and Chance The Rapper – Free (Based Freestyles Mixtape)

Seemingly out of nowhere, undisputed pop culture icon Lil B, and one of rap’s most currently acclaimed figures, Chance The Rapper, broke news of a joint project together. No more information on the project was really given until it was unveiled three or four days ago in its entirety. Released via The Based God’s Soundcloud page, the project is considered a mixtape, comprised of nothing but off-the-cuff freestyles. If ‘by this point you’re confused by what we’re actually doing’, says Chance on track 2, ‘we’re making an entire piece of content from scratch’.

Free is a pleasant little project to satisfy fans of both rappers. Vibey sampling beats are in abundance, and nod at the likes of The College Dropout, while mid-point Amen stem directly from the music Chance is renowned for, Lady Friend and No Better Blues come to mind. The pair have a notable chemistry and feed off each other’s delivery as if they’ve been rapping together for years. While I haven’t been 100% convinced by Lil B in the past, there’s nothing on this project that propels Chance ahead in terms of ability. The two trade countless heartfelt compliments on Do My Dance, with Chance calling B the ‘most intellectual artist’ and B calling Chance ‘one of the best artists ever’, while I’m not sure Free is indicative of this, it’s still a nice project to tide us over for now.

Verdict – WWW

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