[ALBUM REVIEW] The Game – The Documentary 2


The Game is an in-and-out rapper in my eyes. Pops up with a hit now and then, drops mediocre albums here and there, causes a bit of controversy and then floats back to the West Coast with a few ruffled feathers. The Documentary 2 is of course a sequel to 2005’s The Documentary, an album often referred to as classic, and an integral part of West Coast hip-hop. As did Eminem with The Marshall Mathers LP2, The Game has been pretty brave in following up such an important LP, the real question is of course wether this was a good idea or not.

First things first, the track listing for The Documentary 2 is one of the most star-studded I’ve seen in a long long time. From the undeniable old-timers Dr Dre, Diddy and Snoop Dogg, as well as some of rap’s most current names such as Drake and Kendrick Lamar, not to mention fresher faces like Dej Loaf or Ty Dollar $ign (which is still one of the worst rap names in history), the tracklist gave it a lot to live up to.

Not only was it brave for Game to sequel a classic, not only was it brave to enlist everybody worth mentioning for the execution, but it’s something to release a double disced project- each with 18 tracks to be precise. JAY Z tried and failed with The Blueprint 2, while Vince Staples showed us exactly how to do it with Summertime ’06, and I’m nodding more at TBP2 than I am with ST06 when comparing The Documentary 2. There’s tonnes of forgettable material on Game’s 7th studio album such as with the brash Step Up, or the crowded and unfocused Circles. 

The Documentary 2 is an abundance of lost stylings, a ruck of variation and oppositional eras thrown together and naively packaged across two CDs. Forgettable R&B floaters (Bitch You Ain’t Shit) trap-y trend-emulating bores (Dedicated), and hazy nowhere blanks (Summertime), it’s frustrating to see The Game try things he shouldn’t do. In some quantities across a ridiculous 36 tracks, there are reportable highlights, but unfortunately, the highs aren’t worth the return for finding them.

Verdict – WV

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