[ALBUM REVIEW] Raury – All We Need


Raury is a nineteen-year-old talent from Georgia, America. And despite a fairly new career, the multi-talented singer-songwriter/rapper has been shortlisted for both BBC’s Sound of 2015, and XXL’s Freshman Class of 2015; not two bad accolades to have with only one mixtape under your belt. I’ve been keeping tabs on Raury for a while now, and was very much looking forward to his major-label debut- All We Need.

From the 80’s rock-stemming Friends, to the trap-toting Trap Tears, to the psychedelically styled Crystal Express, the vast assortment of sounds on All We Need is quite unparalleled. The idea of 808s & Heartbreak is flirted with on CPU, with atmospheric vocals and isolated drum patterns creating vast lonely tracks, all sewn together with the polite delivery of Raury himself.

In Pharrell-like fashion, riffs and choruses of African-inspired vocals are what makes up Revolution. However, unlike Pharrell [as of late], Raury’s lyrics are potent and powerful- ‘Blood yet clout and clot the juggular of the insipid mothafucka called “humanity” // Raping and damaging anything in it’s way // It’s daughter will be raised on McDonald’s and gasoline water // Each day now a battle for morals or dollars.’ Shortly thereafter, the off-beat folk-step stylings of alt-J are what comes to mind with the atmospheric and gentle Her, which again throws the album around the world of musical inspirations like a rag doll once more.

All We Need is a perplexing listen, an intriguing piece of music, and a lot of fun to unravel. With so much going on and so many sounds clambering over the top of each other, it means there’s something that everyone will like at some point or another. While the music itself is a big part to take away from All We Need, it’s Raury’s measured and intuitive songwriting that make the project that little bit more memorable.

Verdict – WWWV

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