[ALBUM REVIEW] Enter Shikari – The Mindsweep: Hospitalised


Back in January, the criss-crossing English four piece Enter Shikari released their fourth studio album The Mindsweep. I’ve always liked the idea of Enter Shikari, and I really like the production and actual musical side to their work, however, I simply can’t deal with the shouting/shrieking or screaming when it comes to the vocals. So as if my prayers had been answered, a remix album of their latest LP is to be released, hopefully toning down the vocals a bit, and concentrating more on the fusion of rock and electronic music. Titled The Mindsweep: Hospitalised, the remixing duties have been taken care of one of the UK’s biggest drum and bass labels- Hospital Records. Featuring remixes from the likes of Etherwood, Metrik and London Elektricity, the collaborative project is available as of today.

Heavy metal is one of the few genres I have no interest in, I just can’t get around the vocals, however, drum and bass is one of, if not my favourites. With two such contrasting opinions brought together on one project- I was really interested to see how I would take to The Mindsweep: Hospitalised. From the off it’s clear how Enter Shikari’s distorted twist on post-hardcore adrenaline rock is beautifully embraced for bass-brimmed stylings of DnB. Often lost in the translation of thrash on Enter Shikari’s solo work, frontman Rou Reynold slots in effortlessly between the drums and the bass as ipso-facto MC of the project, no better epitomised by Anaesthetist.

All is not relentless energy on The Mindsweep: Hospitalised however, and it’s worth noting the variation of drum and bass featured across the album’s 13 tracks. While the likes of Danny Byrd give us high-octane translations of already energetic tracks, London Elektricity is more than happy to let things cool for his remix of Dear Future Historians. The Erised’s reworked interlude is also a welcomed coffee break within this onslaught of sound. Reynolds‘ vocals bend and contort their way between the two genres on Torn Apart, fusing and sewing the initially oppositional elements together with flawless synchronisation.

While a solid deal of The Mindsweep: Hospitalised is noticeably devised and thought-out, the album is of course home to the downright dirty. S.P.Y’s remix of The Last Garrison cries out for those deranged ‘can you hear the war cry’s, to the point where I’m loving even the most heavy-metal infused tracks. On an album promising an array of DnB talent, every corner of the genre is fulfilled, and with the foundations brought by Enter Shikari, it’s a truly exciting project. The Mindsweep: Hospitalised is amass with an array of revitalised rock rhythms.

Verdict – WWWW

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