[ALBUM REVIEW] Domo Genesis – Genesis


Domo Genesis
RED/Odd Future

Domo Genesis is of course one of the many faces of Odd Future, and through the years, despite a fair few projects, he hasn’t quite been able to match the followings of some of the posse’s most popular figures such as Tyler, Earl and Frank Ocean. Often referred to as a frustrating figure within the genre, Mr-Smoke-A-Lot-Of-Pot has conformed to Odd Future’s reputation of not really taking himself seriously. However, with the release of his eventual debut album Genesis, could the trend finally be bucked?

There is some really strong material on Genesis, and the variation of material is one of the album’s clearest signs of improvement. Sombre piano keys and moving content on All Night, the funk-filled lead single Dapper, and the soulful, near-minimalist My Own are undoubtedly some of Domo Genesis’ strongest material to date. The production on Genesis is one of the album’s talking points, and is such a vast improvement on the thrown-together feel of Domo’s prior releases. That being said, the Odd Future sound is still apparent, with the drums and chords on Wanderer recalling trademark Tyler, The Creator, who also makes an appearance on Go (Gas).

The structure and general composition of Genesis is also several notches above prior releases. Intelligently ‘restricting’ appearances from the likes of Mac Miller and King Chip, using them as support rather than a hype-conforming guest spot, is real reason to give Domo major props. Further to this, Domo’s maturity and development as an artist is always-apparent across the duration of the project. Take the slow-burner Brotha for example- recalling the early days with hazy production and euphoric synths, Domo’s lyricism is now sharper than it’s ever been- ‘Now I’m back to fuck the world feel the penetration / I’m so sorry for the wait I also grew impatient / I’m loving life, we blooming in with new relations.’

Genesis is a world away from the material found on Rolling Papers, and is a welcomed continuation of the stronger material found on Under The Influence 2. Renowned for his drowsy delivery draped in lethargy, through the years Domo’s rapping has sharpened up consistently, and on Genesis, the 25-year-old beams confidence. With the cracks of Odd Future continuing to stay cracked, at least for now, Domo Genesis has emerged from the rap posse’s with a seriously impressive debut.

Verdict – WWWW (4/5)

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