Festival Circuit 2016

TWR Festivals 2016-01.png

2016 is a big year for The West Review, each year we’re growing and growing, and with that comes more opportunities to spread the word. As a music website, festivals are of course a big part of our content, and each year we aim to work with as many as possible. The West Review’s Festival Circuit for 2016 kicked off on 3rd June, with an Cardiff’s X Fest, and finishes up with Bestival located on the Isle of Wight.

For more information on some of the summer’s most essential festivals, read on below:

1. Glastonbury- [FESTIVAL REVIEW] Glastonbury 2016
2. X Fest- [FESTIVAL REVIEW] X Music Festival, Cardiff
3. Blissfields- [FESTIVAL PREVIEW] Blissfields 2016
4. Boomtown- [FESTIVAL PREVIEW] Boomtown 2016
8. Outlook- [FESTIVAL PREVIEW] Outlook 2016
9. Bestival- [FESTIVAL PREVIEW] Bestival 2016
11. Latitude- [FESTIVAL PREVIEW] Latitude 2016


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