[FESTIVAL REVIEW] Love Saves The Day 2017

Love Saves The Day 2017
Where: Bristol, UK
When: 27th – 28th May
Who: Little Dragon, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Kano, Shy FX
Price: £82.50 (weekend ticket, no camping, day tickets also available)

Last bank holiday weekend saw the unofficial commencement of the festival season here in the UK. Common People, Mutiny Festival, Dot to Dot, Radio 1’s Big Weekend, We Are FSTVL, and Love Saves The Day, all hosted a range of musicians from around the world, with most experiencing some of the year’s hottest sun so far. I was lucky enough to be at Love Saves The Day, one of many festivals in Bristol this year, in which it boasted headliners Little Dragon and Fat Freddy’s Drop, as well as a supporting cast from the likes of Kano, Shy FX, Mura Masa and BADBADNOTGOOD.

Love Saves The Day is championed on its vibe, a vibe which is not only apparent but instantly rapporant. Following the tragedies in Manchester a few weeks ago, security was of course higher than normal, but still fairly fluid and stress-free, something certainly not enough to sour vibes. And that’s one of Love Saves The Day’s most reportable highlights- care-free, easy-going, headache-less, it’s an event of true love and appreciation for music. While security was heavy on arrival, it was pretty slim once inside, and in contrast to most festivals, most security guards danced or sang along with the crowds throughout.

Love Saves The Day hosts around 5000 people each year, and while not one of the UK’s biggest music events, it does amazingly well with the space and surroundings it has. Stages are well planned and placed, and there are plenty of them, leaving attendees with more than enough to choose from. This was best proven by Sunday night closers- Fat Freddy’s Drop on the Main Stage, Kano on Cloud 9, and BADBADNOTGOOD on Paradiso. It’s also worth mentioning, that as a city event, noise polution is always going to influence the volume of a soundsystem, but this certainly doesn’t affect a performance too dramatically. Other highlights from the weekend included the weekend’s best performance from Eva Lazaras, a ground-shaking set from Shy FXand a classy chilled outing from Crazy P.

Love Saves The Day has set the bar high as one of the first festivals of the year. The production values in both design and in audio were exceptional, with imaginative stages, powerful bass, and exciting light shows. The artists on show didn’t disappoint either, with Kano in particular reminding us why he’s one of, if not the best MC in the UK. Love Saves The Day is a well-planned, well-oiled ship that really does tick all the boxes, there’s more than enough staff, very little queues as a result, plenty of toilets, more food and drink options that you’d know what to do with, incredible production, an amazing lineup- I cannot recommend this tidy, two-day metropolitan festival enough.

The Good
+ Well organised
+ Lineup
+ Vibe
+ Stage design
+ Production values
+ Loads of helpful staff

The Bad
– Could be considered a bit pricy
– Bit quiet on occasion

Some of the acts watched over the weekend- My Nu Leng, Fatima Yamaha, Crazy P, Novelist, Kano, Shy FX, BADBADNOTGOOD, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Eva Lazarus, Nadia Rose, Dimension, Little Dragon

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