[LIVE REVIEW] Flying Lotus at Motion


Flying Lotus: 3D Show
Where: Motion, Bristol (The Marble Factory)
When: Friday 14th December
Support: Lapalux, Iglooghost

Long-established as one of the most forward-thinking performers in the industry, this winter Flying Lotus brought his all-new 3D live show to the UK, with stops in Brixton and Bristol.

Designed and orchestrated in collaboration with 3D Live, FlyLo’s acclaimed new A/V experience was just that – a mind-bending myriad of sound and visuals, backed by the bass-built speaker system at Motion.


As has been the case throughout Flying Lotus’ career, his music has always been impossible to pin down and categorise, and Friday’s show made that task no easier. Journeying through clap-heavy trap, to layered percussive impro-jazz, stopping at manic dubstep and psychedelic hip-hop along the way, FlyLo’s live show is among the most all-encompassing out there.

The visuals were as extravagant, scattered and trippy as one would expect, with acid-primed spirographs, species-crossing creatures, vast deserted plains, haunted houses and half-dead zombie babies all popping off the screen in immersive 3D brilliance.

The FlyLo live experience is like nothing out there at the moment, and a must-see show that takes advantage of the jarring unpredictable music he’s renowned for. Coupled with Motion’s polished, high production values, Flying Lotus live in Bristol was a spectacle to say the least.

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