Boomtown’s all-new AREA 404: what to expect


Boomtown’s Sector 6 stage

Boomtown Festival’s all-new AREA 404

When: 7th-11th August
Where: Hampshire, UK
Who: Carl Cox, Four Tet, Amelie Lens, Mall Grab, Boys Noize

AREA 404 is an all-new area for Boomtown 2019 – what can we expect to see and hear?
We’ve always had techno at Boomtown, but this year it’s on a far bigger scale so we created a new district to honour it! It’s got a post-apocalyptic theme and to celebrate we’ve invited Drumcode and Bugged Out to host a day each on the main Nucleus stage, with huge techno acts like Carl Cox, Four Tet and Amelie Lens heading up the arena. 

We’ve also added three more new arenas too, The Grid which covers all things bass, The Fallout Disco and the Acid Leak, so be sure to explore. What it will look like is, as ever, a secret – you’ll need to see it to believe it.



Boomtown’s Lion’s Den stage

How does AREA 404 fit into the story of Boomtown?
At the close of Chapter 10, AMI, our Artificial Machine Intelligence character is in control of the city’s digital systems and left us with the ominous message of ‘Boomtown has no future unless it considers environment, sustainability, and consequences.’ AREA 404 is a direct result of this.

Is it a one-off stage for 2019, or will we see it return?
Generally, the storyline is pencilled out for the next couple of years, but it’s always a collaborative creative process and things can change as we get closer to the next chapter. That’s the thing about Boomtown, you never know!



Boomtown 2016’s Palace stage


There’s a big focus on an all-new sound design and production at Boomtown 2019 – is AREA 404’s soundsystem among this?
Yes it is!! We want to take sound to the next level and give the public the best experience we can. Clarity of sound is integral to that, so we created a team of ​sound designers, engineers and acoustic technicians, plus our in-house team to focus on two main projects.

The first is to extend the existing techniques we have across site to make them even more efficient, and the second is to create bespoke, integrated sound systems for our two largest arenas, one of which is AREA 404.



Boomtown’s Town Centre stage


What was the issue before, and how was the problem solved for this year’s event?Preventing sound from escaping off site due to restrictions put on us by our license conditions, has been a constant challenge and it can be affected by something as little and as uncontrollable as the weather.

We’ve always used a series of noise barriers to absorb sound and help control spill into areas of site. ​T​his year, we’ve invested in new techniques and technologies and updated how we use our sound baffles. We’ve now introduced additional solid reflective surfaces, so we can reflect any wasted low end energy back into the arenas. This is a new method that we’re really looking forward to implementing on site. We have also introduced new system configurations for all our small and medium venues. 


TWR New Logo

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