[ALBUM REVIEW] Chance The Rapper – The Big Day


Chance The Rapper – The Big Day
Release: July 26th 2019
Label: Self-released
Producers: Chance The Rapper, The Social Experiment, Lido, Murda Beatz
Features: Nicki Minaj, John Legend, Taylor Bennett, Shawn Mendes

Believe it or not, The Big Day is indeed Chance The Rapper’s debut album, so far opting for mixtapes and free releases, without the backing of any labels. The Big Day arrives after Chance’s meteoric rise from High School suspendee, via Acid-jacking teen, through to God-worshipping credit to society courtesy of 2016’s Coloring Book.

Despite opening with the utmost Chi-Town fire, soul and spirit on All Day Long, it’s unfortunately the project’s best moment, and is followed by an abrupt plunge into mediocrity, one that we Chance fans weren’t necessarily prepared for.

The project is undoubtedly a joyous one. It’s clearly a representation of a young man thriving in a relatively bleak time in the world, and the music is teeming with enthusiasm and celebration – it’s a pleasant listening experience to say the least.

But beyond the cheer and the clear happiness, there’s not a whole lot of substance, reportable quality, or indeed, memorable moments. While the production is as brass-brimmed and with the usual gospel tinge you’d expect, Chance’s lyrics and rhymes stand-out as some of the worst of his career. Need I say any more than the peanut butter jelly time reference on one of the album’s horror moments? The Shawn Mendes-featuring Ballin’ Flossin’.

Each of Chano’s prior projects have had something of a point, a purpose, a direction and a narrative so far. The Big Day doesn’t, and that’s down to a multitude of reasons. From lazy songwriting, beyond-cringeworthy lyrics, thin, dull subject matter, scattered-to-downright-bizarre features and cameos, and all bled through a pop-feinted filter. Hard to really dislike all that much, but very easy not to like.

Verdict – WW/WWWWW


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