[FESTIVAL PREVIEW] Monticule Festival 2020

Monticule Festival 2020
When: 17th – 21st June
Where: Domaine de Gayfié, France
Who: Roman Flügel, Shari Vari live, Zenker Brothers, Katzele

Monticule Festival’s hilltop home of Domaine de Gayfié is among the most unique locations for a music event, untouched and offering a place of real natural beauty, high up in the French mountains. Its music is techno fronted, offering flirtations with surrounding electronic music genres. 

With 2020 its sixth instalment, Monticule began life under the direction of the landowners’ son and his friends, who decided to host their own party. Its direction and size, among other things, has expanded considerably to cater to its demand, yet its organic, communal vibe remains its USP.


While its lineup and location shine a light on the deep and dark goings-on every night, by day, wellbeing initiatives are staples of the festival. Yoga, classes, demonstrations and workshops are an essential part of the event, and at every stage are encouraged for the full Monticule experience.

The aforementioned organisers hail from Munich, and as such Monticule drapes a German-scented blanket across the French mountains, packaging heavy-hitting beats against a backdrop of serenity and breathtaking panoramic views. 

Monticule Festival tickets are available from their website now. They won’t be around for long so make sure you grab yours while they’re still here.

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