[FESTIVAL PREVIEW] Gottwood Festival 2020


Gottwood Festival 2020
When: 11th – 14th June
Where: Llanfaethlu, Wales
Who: Max Cooper, Calibre + DRS, Crazy P, Helena Hauff, Young Marco

Gottwood began life as an intimate gathering of close friends and family, one that quickly spiralled into a fully-fledged boutique festival. Deeply rooted in collaboration and community, Gottwood promises to be a unique event built on an ethos of by the people, for the people.

As with every year, Gottwood offers a unique blend of established artists to alternative up-and-comers. Helena Hauff and her now-iconic stripped techno, Artwork’s feel-good sets and Young Marco’s synth-centred sound are among the most ‘notable’ highlights, although everyone here is an equal contributor rather than a headliner.


Elsewhere, Max Cooper’s intricately produced soundscapes are not to be missed, alongside a rare live show from DJ Boring. PBR Streetgang, Or:la’s unpredictable genre-spanning sets and sole dnb flag flyers Calibre + DRS, are also among the many highlights. Expect to see long-standing family of Gottwood in attendance, including 2 Bad Mice, Rhythm Section, Percolate and Future Boogie to name a few.

Lineup aside, Gottwood’s North Wales home is a picture of rural British countryside, and promises undisputed natural beauty, seamlessly fused with cutting edge production. Its independence and unbudging loyalty to its history, promise the production values of a major event, with the inherited values of a smaller one. Make sure you’re there to experience it.

Gottwood tickets are available to buy now from the Gottwood website.

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