[FESTIVAL PREVIEW] Boomtown 2022

© Giulia Spadafora / Soul Media

Boomtown 2022
When: 10th – 14th August
Where: Winchester, South England

It’s fair to say that the pre-pandemic festival circuit didn’t quite return to normal scheduling in 2021. While some smaller events and day festivals managed to have some joy towards the tail end of last summer, Boomtown Fair was one of the big’n’s out of action since 2019.

But in having such time to reflect and recalibrate, Boomtown is throwing out the rule book once again, and returning with an entirely new direction for 2022. Expect a complete redesign of its layout and districts, and a secret lineup only unveiled to ticket holders a few days before.

The 13th edition of Boomtown Fair also marks the start of an all-new storyline, with Chapter One: The Gathering the first instalment of an ongoing narrative.

For those of you unfamiliar with its glittering history, Boomtown is a five-day immersive entertainment experience that collides all corners of culture to create a festival unlike any other. Composed of nine districts each with its own distinctive vibe, charm and musical genres, Boomtown is brought together by an overarching narrative, with actors, landmarks, storylines and events all part of its immersion and charm.

From psychedelic techno trips through the woods, to dusty downtime spent listening to folk and blues, Boomtown draws from across the musical and cultural spectrum, journeying through an international array of sights and sounds. There really is something for every taste.

Boomtown pushes attendees to explore and discover their surroundings like no other event in the country. Micro venues and tucked-away stages are littered across the huge site, with surprises and delights nestled amongst colossal feats of production and international musical talent.

Boomtown Fair really is a sight to behold and unlike any other event out there at the moment. And 2022 is guaranteed to be a defining moment in its history, with all-new everything ensuring the three year wait will be well and truly worth it.

Limited tickets are still available now from the Boomtown website

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