The 20 Best Songs of 2014 (so far)

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2014 is near enough halfway done, we’ve had around 5-6 months already and we still have the summer to go yet., it’s been a cracking first half to 2014 in terms of music and there’s been some incredible releases, particular in house and electro. I’ll be compiling a list of some of the 30 Best Songs of 2014, this won’t be an ordered list from best to better, it’ll just be a general arrangement of tracks you should have heard by now. Click on each subheading to go to a link and listen.

Klingande – Jubel
The summery house jam was technically released last year, but it’s been blessed with a UK re-release this month and it’s a diamond track. Featuring a catchy hook, summery production and toots from a saxophone it’s an instantly likeable tune.

If I Go – Ella Eyre
We all know Ella Eyre as the vocalist on Rudimental’s Waiting All Night, but one of her first solo releases is a beaut. If I Go is soulful, powerful and shows what an incredible talent she is.

Make It To Me – Sam Smith
One of the standout tracks from his debut album, In The Lonely Hour– Make It To Me is bizarrely only found on the deluxe version of the album, despite being one of the best on the LP. Smith’s soulful vocals are best utilised on the minimalist instrumental and if you’re still unsure of Smith’s talents, this is the track to win you over.

Frontin’ (Disclosure Remix) – Pharrell & JAY Z
Frontin’ is one of Skateboard P’s most recognised songs, and when Disclosure announced they were remixing it, the world waited patiently. The track dropped and it didn’t disappoint, maintaining the likeability of the original, with an added Disclosure spin, dare I say it might be better than the original?

Ease My Mind – Skrillex
Skrillex’s debut album- Recess, was alright, it wasn’t amazing, but it will more that satisfy an array of listeners. One of a few highlights from his debut was Ease My Mind, a great sample/feature from Niki & The Dove was completely reinvented into a remix that was desperately needed.

Gotta Get Away – The Black Keys
The Black Keys recently released their eighth studio album- Turn Blueand it was a great album. An even greater track from the album was Gotta Get Away, it’s probably the best on the album and it was a degree different than regular Black Keys tracks, it was insanely catchy with a great singalong hook.

Sheezus – Lily Allen
No stranger to controversy, Lily Allen released the title track from her third solo album with the aim to cause a stir. The track features name-drops everybody from Lorde to Beyonce and I love the fact that somebody’s ready to mix things up in the female music stage, we see rappers going at each other all the time, but rarely do we see tracks like Sheezus from female artists- props to Lily Allen.

Night Owls Early Birds – Foxes 
Night Owls Early Birds was one of the best songs from her debut album – Gloriousand it what I wished the rest of her album was like. She sang beautifully without over-doing it and it was catchy and memorable.

Fast Life (featuring Vic Mensa) – Asher Roth
I love Asher Roth and when he returned with his new sound, I was sceptical, and still not entirely convinced. But one track on Retrohash that I really liked is Fast Life, Roth doesn’t have the recognition over here in the UK, but if you’re going to listen/download a track for the summer to chill to, make Fast Life that song.

Gust of Wind (featuring Daft Punk) – Pharrell
After the mountainous success of Happy, Pharrell’s sophomore album – G I R L was released, and bizarrely P released Marilyn Monroe as the follow-up single- possibly the worst track on the album. Gust of Wind, or the Justin Timberlake featured Brand New should have been that single and are some of P’s best songs, let alone best songs on the album itself.

Kingdom (featuring Vince Staples) – Common
With a beat extremely similar to Jesus Walks, and a guest spot from a fresh star of rapCommon’s Kingdom is home to trademark Common lyricism and it’s a great way to gather some momentum before the release of his forthcoming album.

7th Dimension – KOAN Sound
If you like any variation of dubstep, house, bass, EDM or electro then you’ll like 7th Dimension, courtesy of duo KOAN Sound. They manage to blend all of these genres together giving a summery jam that would just as enjoyable at a rave or a club.

The Man – Aloe Blacc
The radio may have done the deed with this track- overplaying it and butchering the hell out of it in the process, but it’s still a great song. It blended elements of old-style soul music brimmed with brass and strong vocals and it was a more than decent song when it was first released.

Nobody To Love/Bound 2 Remix – Sigma
I’ve begun to have enough of it recently, again with help from the radio, but nevertheless it’s still a great remix. To alter a track like Bound 2 and make it into the club-ready track the way Sigma did was brave, and it pulled off to massive mainstream success- earning the duo their first UK number one in the process.

Creepers – Cold Clinical Love
If you cast your eyes back to G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer, you’ll remember one of the best tracks from Kid Cudi‘s Creepers. Indie rock group Cold Clinical Love got ahold of the track and put their spin on it, in terms of vocals, they maintained some of Cudi’s vocals as well as the bulk of the beat and it makes for a great spin on an already great track.

Stay High (featuring Hippie Sabotage) – Tove Lo
Thankfully the radio didn’t get to this one as much, which means you can still appreciate it now even after a lengthy time in the charts. Tove Lo completely altered the original -which was terrible- and made a fresh new house hit that just like the video- was dark, mellow, and would send friday-nighters grabbing for their pills.

Problem (featuring Iggy Azalea) – Ariana Grande
The sweetheart that is Ariana Grande looks set to release her sophomore album, starting with the lead single- Problem. The song is pulsated with saxophone and brass and with a somewhat surprisingly, good guest spot from the aussie Azalea made for a great pop hit that rocketed towards the top of the charts.

Collard Green (featuring Kendrick Lamar) – ScHoolboy Q
Now I didn’t like Oxymoronbut there was a saving grace on the album. Collard Greens was arguably the song it was thanks to a Kendrick guest spot, but either way it was home to a quality beat and it was the most memorable song, despite being a forgettable album.

Pretty Hurts – Beyonce
I’m not on board with the whole ‘Queen B’ bullshit, yes she can sing but Jesus can you have enough of her, goddamn moaning and warbling over every song. However, every now and again she comes along with a cracker- be it Deja Vu, Sweet Dreams, Irreplaceable or whatever, this time around it was Pretty Hurts. 

Coast Is Clear (featuring Chance The Rapper) – Skrillex
Along with Ease My Mind, Coast Is Clear is the standout track from Recess, the music was intelligent, thought about, and was different from every other Skrillex song. It had character and was tailored to Chance, what resulted was an anthem- rap fans, dance fans, dubstep fans, who can’t like this song?

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