Odd Future’s 30 Best Songs, Part 2: #19-#11


If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Part1 of this series- Odd Future’s 30 Best Songs, so that you know what’s already been listed. Continuing onwards, Part 2 will look at numbers #19 through to #11.

19. Frank Ocean – White, The OF Tape II (2012)
Probably one of the most subtle songs I’ve heard in recent times, it’s as minimalist and reduced as they come. The song is constructed around Ocean’s voice, as apposed to him lending his vocals to an instrumental, the only musical accompaniment is a few solitary piano chords here and there. Then his vocals die out, and a dramatic explosion of brass and horns accompanied by the omnipresent OF Tape II metronome finalise the short track.

18. Earl Sweatshirt – Burgundy, Doris (2013)
Pharrell can very rarely do wrong with his production, and Burgundy is no exception. I wouldn’t normally associate Earl with the horns featured on the song, but it actually makes for a match made in heaven. Earl’s lyricism is particularly sharp and on-point and makes for one of a few highlights on his sophomore album Doris.

17. Tyler, The Creator – She (ft Frank Ocean) Goblin (2011)
One of THE defining Odd Future songs, it arguably helped contribute to OF’s current status in music. Not only did it conform with the dark, sinister side to OF courtesy of a Tyler-directed music video, but it also showed the talent of not just Tyler, but also first shed light on Ocean’s ability. After hearing She for the first time I knew we had a future force-to-be-reckoned-with on our hands.

16. Oldie, The OF Tape II (2012)
Oldie helped contribute to the later, more mainstream success of the group, they’d already blown up, but now they were cementing people’s opinions with their debut collective studio album. Oldie wasn’t actually an official single according to Tyler, but it was merely an off-the-cuff video constructed, seeing as they were all together and the song was playing while at a photoshoot. Oldie is the only song where all members of OF contribute, including Earl who was otherwise absent from The OF Tape II.

15. Tyler, The Creator – Answer, Wolf (2013)
The most lyrical Tyler song at least, maybe too including the rest of OF. Answer is a song about Tyler’s Dad, or lack-of, and not only is it the most lyrically potent and honest, it also encapsulates the progression in Tyler’s music on Wolf from his earlier work. Featuring a hazy guitar riff against his cold vocals really illustrate Tyler’s loneliness as well as his frustration and despair, maybe I should have put it higher on this list..

14. Frank Ocean – Sweet Life, channel ORANGE (2012)
Easily the best song on channel ORANGE, again courtesy of guest production from Pharrell. It’s such a progressive song and much like the rest of the album, broadcasts his crazy range of vocals, from hard-hitting hooks, to low, baritone-esque opening verses. ‘The best song wasn’t the single’ too right it wasn’t.

13. Hodgy Beats – Alone, Untitled EP 2 (2013)
With his first entry on this list, Hodgy Beats comes in with Alone at number thirteen. Featured on his Untitled EP 2, Alone is one of my favourite beats from any OF song, it shows Hodgy trying something a little different- he vocalises across the song, often pretty much singing and as a completed piece of music, it’s something of a hidden gem within the ever-growing OF catalogue.

12. Earl Sweatshirt – Molasses (ft RZA) Doris (2013)
On the whole, I didn’t think Doris was all that, there were a couple of gems on it, but it wasn’t really that groundbreaking like some critics seemed to think, however, Doris was home to Molasses. Along with Alone, Molasses is one of the best OF beats, and it’s perfectly fitting to Earl’s gritty flow, having RZA boisterous vocals on the hook makes the track that all the more convincing with those jaw-dropping ‘fuck the freckles off your face bitch’.

11. Domo Genesis – Supermarket (ft Tyler, The Creator) Rolling Papers (2010)
Odd Future have always been a funny bunch of rappers, it’s basically the foundations of what they’re all about- they more often than not, don’t take themselves seriously and you can see how much they enjoy making music. One of their funniest tracks is Supermarket, featured on Domo’s Rolling Papers it was the saving grace of the mixtape and not only is it hilarious, it’s lyrically and structurally one step away from being a modern-day Guilty Conscience. 

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