Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon


Pop-rock is all the rage at the moment, Twin Atlantic, The 1975, Kodalinethey all fall into this category, but then there are the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club and Two Door Cinema Club, they seem to bleed into more indie/alternative genres, resulting in more of a cult following so-to-speak. Two Door Cinema Club are probably best known for their single- What You Know, a song that everybody’s sure to recognise, yet hasn’t maybe put the name to the song, if you like this single, you’re going to like Beacon too.

Much like the infectious guitar riff that glues together arguably their biggest hit, Beacon is awash with tuneful plucks of a guitar. What this means is that the album is very subjective; many will quickly become tired of the structured formulation of each and every song on the LP, however, others will love this trait, it’s easy to get into, and ultimately there’s nothing to dislike, just not loads to write home about.

What this means is there isn’t a whole lot to illustrate Two Door Cinema Club as a separate entity from the genre, the last sentence of the last paragraph is literally how I reviewed The 1975’s debut, and some of you may feel that’s lazy writing, but it’s the best way to convey Beacon as the non-exciting album that it is, it’s just like everything out there at the moment.

However, don’t get it twisted, this isn’t a bad album by any stretch of the imagination, it’s just not a great one. As I’ve already said, the group don’t define themselves as a distinctive, or in fact memorable group, with the release of their sophomore LP, they merely slot amongst the acts already making a name for themselves in the genre. It’s a shame because at points within Beacon I thought this was going to be a cracker- Two Door Cinema Club do have that something about them, maybe it’ll be third time lucky for the Irish group.

Verdict – WW

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