Temples – Sun Structures


Temples are a four piece British indie-rock group formed in 2012. Sun Structures is their much-anticipated debut LP released back in February, and ever since then, it’s been one of those albums I’ve just never got round to listening to. As I’ve said in past reviews, ‘rock’ is a broad spectrum- Run DMC has every right to be associated with the genre, while so too do the likes of Motorhead. If I was to associate Temples’ sound with an existing act, I’d compare them to psychedelic-style-rock groups like The Stone Roses. 

Sun Structures is a solid debut album. Throughout listening to it, I can’t help but continue to make comparisons with The Stone Roses, although Temples still remain a long-way off the legendary group, you can still already hear the twangs of inspiration in abundance. Take Sand Dance, a acid-draped chill-ride that meets an effortless outro-come-guitar-solo that makes you feel like this, while not quite like that, but you get the point. On The Guesser, Temples even utilise the same echoing warped guitar effect found on The Roses’ Made of Stone (I’m sure this effect has a name, god knows what it is though).

Temples’ debut LP is an effortless listen, and with that in mind, I feel there’s two demographics that Sun Structures can appeal too. While some fans will stick it on and hang onto every word frontman James Bagshaw moans, appreciating every key and every note the group utter, other fans (like me) will put it on as background noise while playing Fifa, or revising, and when it finishes think ‘fuck that was good’ and probably put it on once more.

However, this chilled, psychedelic rock will not appeal to everyone. The more obstructive and less open-minded among us simply won’t be susceptible to groups like Temples. However, if you think this sort of thing might appeal to you, then you’re in for a treat, as Temples’ Sun Structures is an excellent reminder of just how good English rock was, and now is once again.

Verdict – WWWV

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