[ALBUM REVIEW] MS MR – How Does It Feel


By Tom Makinson

Following the success of their 2013 debut album Second Hand Rapture, featuring the breakthrough single Hurricane, MS MR return with their second studio album How Does It Feel.

When a duo like MS MR release a second album there’s always an uneasy feeling, on the one hand they can produce an almost identical album to their debut, on the other they can go completely the other way and create something so different they lose their current fan base. MS MR have created the latter. However, in saying this I’m not disappointed; the album produces a number of very listenable songs. How Does It Feel varies its output with fast paced punchy songs like Painted and Reckless, mixed with slower more balladic tunes like No Guilt in Pleasure.

The exciting thing about Ms Mr’s first album is that their talent was prominent with singer Lizzy Plapinger’s undeniably brilliant vocal performance. I find with their second album that I am left wanting and that what was once MS MR’s USP now seems to be part of what in my opinion makes the album fall a little bit flat. In all fairness How Does it Feel  is a good second album with some excellent songs on it, the main thing that disappoints me about it is the lack of memorable songs on it. With Second Hand Rapture, MS MR created the belter that was Hurricane, the only song from How Does it Feel that even comes close to that is No Guilt in Pleasure, and even then it still feels a little bit flaccid.

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